A Message from David Asper, Chair (March 2012 – April 2019) and Trustee

When I assumed the position of Chair of The Asper Foundation in the spring of 2012, I was very much mindful that each of my parents, Israel and Babs Asper, had at one time held this position and executed their duties in a masterful way. Under their leadership our family and all associated with The Asper Foundation have adopted the fundamental belief in the existence of a social contract that has its roots both in secular as well as Jewish culture. In return for having received enormous benefits from living in Canada, we think it’s essential to give back, and that ethic remains central to our ongoing purpose.

We remain inspired by our parents’ dreams for The Asper Foundation to make a transformational difference in the world and are equally committed to building on that history by creating our own vision. My parents have left their personal stamp on The Asper Foundation but they, more than anyone, would recognize that the next generation of leadership must forge its own philanthropic vision that is true to our core values. The torch has been passed to us. Our intention is to nurture it, fully understand our mission, always do better, always reach higher and to make the world a better place.

Finally, our purpose as a Board will also include the essential task of introducing another generation of family members to the work of the Foundation in order to ensure that we are well positioned for succession and continuity. There’s a lot to do and I’m sincerely looking forward to the interesting days that lie ahead.

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