• Yom Ha’atzmaut flag ceremony – youth movements

  • March to Commemorate the Fallen

  • Mimounoar

  • Conference for IDF recruits

  • Youth Congress – young leadership

  • Midarom Festival – youth gallery

  • IDF preparation

  • Teen Parliament

  • Opening of the Youth Center

  • Good Deeds Day

  • Outstanding volunteer awards – 2017

  • Shevet Market – activating children and teens

The Israel Asper Community Action Centre – Ofaqim, Israel

In May 2003, The Asper Foundation and Jewish National Fund of Canada funded the establishment of The Asper Family Community Action Centre in Ofaqim, Israel. The centre has since been renamed The Israel Asper Community Action Centre to honour the memory of Dr. Israel Asper, z”l, Founder of The Asper Foundation, who passed away on October 7, 2003. As with the Winnipeg Community Action Centre, The Israel Asper Community Action Centre is partnered with World Betar. Both centres offer similar programs and activities and provide supplementary educational programs geared towards disadvantaged youth to help ensure they achieve their optimal level of education through combining technology-oriented education with instruction on leadership skills and heritage.

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