Asper Performing Arts Centre to Open

On June 19, 2019, a ceremony was held in Migdal HaEmek, Israel announcing that the established of the Asper Performing Art Centre.  Building on the success of the Israel Asper Community Action Centre which is a partnership between The Asper Foundation, the community of Migdal HaEmek’s Youth Department and the Matnas for many years, the Centre was created through support of The Asper Foundation in partnership with the Municipality.

The ceremony was attended by Gail Asper, President and Trustee of The Asper Foundation, Moe Levy, Executive Director of The Asper Foundation, Shai Abramson, The Asper Foundation representative in Israel, Eli Barda, Mayor of Migdal HaEmek, Shalom Zuzot, General Director of Migdal HaEmek, Orit Ze’evi, Director of the Migdal HaEmek Community Center (Matnas), Moshe Peretz, Head of the Municipal Youth Department, department heads from the Municipality, a representative of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, youth leaders, music teachers, families and children.

The beautiful Centre is now a place of creativity, discipline and inspiration.  All young people have access and an opportunity to learn different genres of music and dance, to develop their vocal skills, and to learn advanced software programming in editing and sound. The Centre is a stimulating learning environment which enables children to achieve excellence. There is high quality teaching that is immersive and joyful, with peer learning and regular performances. New musical ensembles and bands are launched, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra when possible sends musicians to mentor groups and to perform for the community and artists’ workshops and tribute events are offered.

Looking to deepen connections to community networks, the Asper Performing Arts Centre’s activities reach well beyond the walls of the building. It exposes all the children and youth of Migdal HaEmek to the domain of music and dance. The Centre expects to enroll some 200 teenagers in its programs each year. As well, the musicians and dancers that learn at the Centre are invited to perform at peak civic events and national festivals throughout the city.