• Dr. Bryan Schwartz addresses the opening of Dirty Money/Clean Hands conference, March 2003.

“The endowment gives us not only the resources to expand the number of courses we can offer, but will also include over time, funding for publications, distinguished visitors, conferences and support for research by students and professors. The chair also helps to bring together the faculties of law and management, the two faculties which match what goes on in the real world of commerce and legal issues.”

The Asper Chair in International Business and Trade Law

In 1999, The Asper Chair in International Business and Trade Law at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Law in partnership with the Faculty of Management was established through a $2 million contribution by The Asper Foundation.

The Asper Chair is filled by Bryan Schwartz, professor of law, who has distinguished himself in this area. The donation allowed for the addition of two new courses, upgrades to equipment and library material and created opportunities to bring in guest speakers and to attend conferences. In addition, it publishes The Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law that has a subscription base of 100 academic law libraries and is carried on both the Quicklaw and Lexis-Nexis electronic databases. As a result, it is available to approximately four million subscribers of these two services.

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