The Next Generation

The Asper Foundation has been and will continue to be challenged in its scope and vision by the next generation of Trustees: Gail and Michael, Leonard and Susan, David and Ruth, and their children. Each have committed to continue to give back to their community whether it is through their own foundation or The Asper Foundation and have committed to teach their children the principle of Tzedakah (charity) and Tikkun Olam (taking action to repair the world).

In this respect, The Sensible Foundation (David and Ruth), The Gail Asper Family Foundation (Gail and Michael) and The Joshua Foundation (Leonard and Susan) have been created to contribute to causes of interest to the children of Israel and Babs Asper. Whether it is the United Way, Combined Jewish Appeal, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Winnipeg Harvest, The Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre (formerly The Sharon Home), Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Jewish Child and Family Service, Rossbrook House, the University of Toronto or Brandeis University, these foundations have shown and will continue to show leadership and understanding of the needs of the community.

The goal of making a positive difference to society continues today. Each member of The Asper Foundation has committed to the family’s history of giving and hold dear to the philosophy of Israel Asper, that one has to give back to society and that one should, while they are still alive, enjoy seeing the benefits of their giving.

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