The Asper Foundation Supports JDC Stem for All Program (June 2022)

JDC STEM For All Program

In June 2022, The Asper Foundation proudly joined with partners in supporting the STEM For All program which is administered by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). The program aims to increase the STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and creative-thinking processes – giving them STEM agency – of tens of thousands of elementary school students in Israel’s periphery as a means of enhancing their future job prospects and career mobility. STEM For All engages low-income elementary school students in active learning and building 21st century skill sets, providing them with problem-solving skills that will empower them to succeed, both in high school and later on as adults in the job market. As part of the program, teachers of all subjects will receive training for comprehensive problem-solving pedagogy, STEM subject curricula will be updated; and project-based learning, which promotes acquisition of cognitive, personal and interpersonal skills, will be encouraged. The results of a pre-pilot program showed potential for great success.

STEM for All is part of JDC-Israel’s strategy, which identifies and develops responses to emerging social issues and trends. One of today’s major challenges is increasing the social mobility of vulnerable children in Israel’s geo-social periphery. This would allow all, regardless of socioeconomic background, to access opportunities to succeed, in all stages of life from birth to early employment – in the home, at school, in higher education and the job market, and in the community.

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