The Asper International Program on Israeli Law and Society (Mishpatim)

The Asper International Program on Israeli Law and Society (Mishpatim) was founded in 2010 (formerly called Introduction to Israeli Law and Society Course Program.)

Running for three weeks every May, the course compares the Israeli and Canadian legal frameworks and features numerous excursions across Jerusalem and Israel, including trips to the Supreme Court, the Israeli Parliament and more. Course subject matter includes topics ranging from business law to immigrant and refugee law, and human rights law to international trade law.

Leonard Asper, Chairman of The Asper Foundation, notes “A program like this combines the Foundation’s commitment to Canada, Winnipeg, education in general and interactions with Israel’s democratic institutions. International experience for local law students benefits our local and national communities by creating a group of lawyers who bring back a diversified education with their gained knowledge. It’s an otherwise unavailable opportunity to compare and contrast the legal systems of Canada and Israel and receive immersive experience in Jerusalem and the wider region.”

Founded by Robson Hall law professor Dr. Bryan Schwartz, at inception, the program was exclusive to the University of Manitoba’s Robson Hall students. It has since welcomed over three hundred students from seven law schools in five provinces across Canada and now annually attracts approximately 60 students.  The course is taught in partnership with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Law School, which is consistently ranked among the top 100 in the world, and the Rothberg International School – the international arm of the university which has decades of experience in hosting international students.

For more information about the program, please contact Kari Zalik: [email protected] and see here and here.

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