• Gail Asper

  • Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Moshe Arens

  • Dr. Daniel Pipes

  • Steven Emerson

  • Abdul Hadi Palazzi

  • Dr. Yossi Olmert

  • Robert Fulford

  • Dr. Mitchell Bard

  • Dr. Michael Oren

  • Joseph Farah

  • Dr. Irwin Cotler

  • Dan Meridor

  • Anna Rosmus

“The lecture series has given Canadians a true perspective on Middle East and Jewish issues.”

The Asper Foundation Lecture Series

The Asper Foundation Lecture Series featured authoritative and respected speakers from around the world addressing substantive, relevant, national and international issues, many of them free to the public. The 2000/2001 Lecture Series featured fascinating presentations such as the Dead Sea Scrolls Symposium, the Discovery Seminar (a popular modern Jewish education program), The Future of the Peace Process lecture by important Israeli political figure Moshe Arens and the Kallah series of lectures by renowned Jewish thinkers. Since its inception, over 12,000 people across Canada attended these inspiring and thought-provoking lectures and events. Other speakers in this series have included Anna Rosmus, former Israeli Prime Minister (presently Foreign Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu, Robert Fulford, Dr. Irwin Cotler, Dr. Mitchell Bard, Joseph Farah, Dan Meridor, Sheikh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi, Dr. Daniel Pipes, Dr. Yossi Olmert, Dr. Michael Oren and Steven Emerson.

See here for a complete list of events held as part of this series.

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