Asper Community Shabbat Program

In April 2024, The Asper Foundation established the Asper Community Shabbat (Sabbath) Program which are delivered in collaboration with the Rady Jewish Community Centre. The inaugural Shabbat was hosted by the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada and invited guests from the Bear Clan Patrol. These special events are held periodically on Fridays at the Asper Jewish Community Campus in Winnipeg and bring together host Jewish organizations and invited community groups to foster cross-cultural understanding and reflection.

The evenings including a delicious traditional Shabbat dinner are attended by approximately 50 people equally divided by the hosts and invited organizations with both participating in the Shabbat by contributing educational programming on their cultural/religious traditions and practices. The Shabbats help with community-building, reflection and cross-cultural education. Through the Asper Community Shabbat Program, we aim to deepen our understanding of one another and create a more connected and inclusive society.

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