Our Crest

As granted by Robert Douglas Watt, Chief Herald of Canada, on January 15, 2003 and entered in Volume IV, page 265 of The Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada.


The background of the shield is a series of horizontal bands of equal width, coloured alternately blue and gold. Overlaying this is a narrow triangular shape in red, rising from the base and pointing towards the top. The alternating bands of blue and gold, colours which have significance for the Asper family, symbolize a series of steps that a person or organization can take while striving to better their situation. The red shape evokes both the A for Asper and the notion of reaching upward for excellence.


The lower element of the crest is a coronet of gold maple leaves. Rising out of this is the upper part of a red lion and on its shoulder is a gold Magen David. Its paw is holding a gold torch. The crest is placed on a steel helmet draped in cloth mantling in blue and gold, set in place by a wreath of twisted cloth in these colours. The coronet represents the foundation’s service to Canada. The lion symbolizes both the Jewish heritage of the creators of the foundation and the spirit of its work, reaching out and making a difference in a great variety of situations. The Magen David, also known as the Shield or Star of David, a hexagram used as a symbol of Judaism, refers to the foundation’s support of many Jewish community institutions and initiatives. The torch has long been a symbol of striving for enlightenment and in this instance, it represents the way in which help from The Asper Foundation enables recipients to take a comprehensive look at their projects and use the support to their best advantage.


Lead By Example is a key element in the foundation’s philosophy.


The supporters, at either side of the shield, are two gold eagles with red legs and claws. Each has a blue collar, hanging from which is a blue disc bearing a gold hand, palm open and facing outwards. The shield rests on and the supporters stand on a mound of gold prairie grass set above horizontal wavy bars of alternating blue and white. The eagle is a bird noted for its strength and acuity of sight. Therefore, it represents the ability of the officers of the Foundation to seek out and identify needs and respond to them. The gold hands are a reference to “A Helping Hand”, one of Israel Asper’s suggestions for a motto. The grass and the blue and white wavy bars represent the prairie and the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. Taken together these refer to Winnipeg, The Asper Foundation’s home site.


The shield of arms is arranged as a rectangular banner.

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