Canadian Jewish Experience (CJE) Launches in Winnipeg

(L-R) Gail Asper, President, The Asper Foundation, David Asper, Chair, The Asper Foundation, Tova Lynch, CJE Director and Advisor, Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman, Adam Levene, President, Jewish Federation Winnipeg, Dr. Victor Rabinovitch, CJE Director and Advisor

Canadian Jewish Experience (CJE) Exhibit Opens to the public on October 27, 2017

The Canadian Jewish Experience, a ten-panel exhibition honouring Canada’s 150th birthday, will be opened at a special ceremony at City Hall on October 26, 2017. Reception: 5-7 pm. Winnipeg’s Mayor Brian Bowman will unveil a new panel highlighting the contributions of Winnipeg’s Jewish Community.

The CJE exhibit is built around nine major themes: patterns of immigration; war and diplomacy; public service; justice and human rights; economic growth; arts; culture and sports.

CJE’s purpose is to share with all Canadians Jewish aspects of Canada’s story through the ten panel exhibition, a website, and a special speakers series. The main goal of the CJE exhibit is to be an educational tool for young and old.

Jewish Canadians have played important roles in all facets of life in Canada, dating as far back as the mid-1700s. Their accomplishments reflect the challenges and successes experienced by this country over the past 150 years. Canada’s sesquicentennial is a time for celebration by all citizens and residents, whatever their faith or ethnicity. The CJE exhibit stresses that Canadians continue to build a country that respects cultural and religious diversity, national unity, fairness and progress.

The Exhibit was curated by Sandra Weizman Morton with contributions from Dr. Victor Rabinovitch, President Emeritus of the War Museum and the former Museum of Civilization (now the Museum of History). provides additional information about historical topics covered by the CJE exhibit and about many extraordinary Canadians. The website also provides information about venues for lectures and other locations where the traveling exhibit can be seen.

The creation of this special project celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial was made possible by The Asper Foundation and other generous donors.

For further information please e-mail [email protected] or call 613-680-8820.