Translation of Article from Hebrew University’s Alumni Newsletter

Asper Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Alumni Involvement

The Asper Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation was established at the Business School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2001. The goal was to promote and encourage Israel to strengthen entrepreneurship by promoting both academic and nonacademic programs and strengthening student development and academic research in the field of entrepreneurship. The center is run by Prof. Niron Hashai.

The Center’s staff initiates, maintains and supports a wide range of projects that correspond with the goals of The Asper Foundation, a Canadian-based foundation which supports education and research in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and business management.

Some of the special projects that the center supports:

  • HU Start – The Entrepreneurship Center of the Hebrew University which is also open to graduates of the school.
  • Startup Science Innovation – a year course for undergraduate students of the Faculty of Sciences and the School of Business Administration. The goal of the program is to identify technological product ideas that meet a specific need, then development of prototypes of those products and the preparation of business plans.
  • Bio-Design- A unique course that connects graduate students from the Faculty of Medicine, Engineering and Business Administration. Students identify a need in medicine, find a solution for engineering / technical form of medical device and build a business plan for the development and realization of the idea.

The Asper Centre is interested in combining its activities with alumni from the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.  Among other things, we are looking for guest speakers, mentors and advisors for start-ups being established in the Center’s various frameworks.

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