A Message from Babs Asper, Co-Founder (1933 – 2011)

When my husband Israel Asper and I established The Asper Foundation in 1983, we had ambitious plans to make a transformational difference in the world. We understood deeply that we were blessed and had an obligation to not just give back to our local communities but to act on a national and international basis. We dreamed in Technicolor, and almost three decades later, when I sit back and see just how much we have accomplished, I take a deep breath of relief and feel great satisfaction that we made such a positive difference in the lives of so many thousands of people, particularly young people, around the world.

Our three children, Gail, David and Leonard, their spouses and the foundation’s staff and Trustees work extremely hard to ensure that The Asper Foundation makes a meaningful impact in the Jewish and greater world, especially since the passing of my husband in 2003. I can’t help but think of the future and that much good work is still to be done. It’s a never-ending story and one I know our team, including eventually my eight grandchildren, will continue to work towards.

Izzy and I dreamed wonderful dreams which happily are unfolding to this day. We hope that by visiting this Web site and reading about the breadth and depth of The Asper Foundation’s work, you too will be inspired to dream and eventually take action to make your world, our world, a better place.

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